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MSP430 development tools

TI sell two very low cost  development tools for members of the MSP430 family of microcontrollers (MCUs).

  • eZ430-RF2500  - features the MSP430F2274 with CC2500 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver
  • eZ430-F2013 - features the MSP430F2013

At present the following MCUs are available as modules for use with the ezMSP430 USB stick programmers.  One MSP430F2013 is supplied with the eZ430-F2013 programmer, packs of three MSP430F2012 are sold separately and two MSP430F2274 are supplied with the eZ430-RF2500 programmer.

MSP430F2012  MSP430F2013  MSP430F2274 
 Flash  2 KB
 2 KB   32 KB
 RAM  128 B
 128B   1 KB
 GPIO  10  10   32
 10-bit SAR 
 16-bit Sigma Delta 
 10 bit SAR
 Integrated peripherals
     2 Op amp
 Interface  USI (SPI or I2C) 
 USI (SPI or I2C) 
 Timers  1 Watchdog/Interval,1 16-bit (2CCR) 
 1 Watchdog/Interval,1 16-bit (2CCR) 
 1 Watchdog/Interval, 2 16-bit (3CCR)