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ez430 practice

To get started with the MSP430 I set myself a few simple challenges.  These weren't about inventing or discovering new things, just making sure I really knew how to do a few basic things.  Anyone who has ever studied mathematics or engineering will appreciate that these are practical arts, practice is required to ensure true understanding.  These are the tests I set myself.
  • Control external digital devices. (LEDs)
  • Read values of variables. (using the development environment)
  • Read analogue values. (an external thermistor)
  • Generate analogue values. (using pulse width modulation)

Using IAR workbench

 I opted to use the IAR integrated development environment (IDE) and write code in C.  Following the supplied instructions it was simple to compile and debug (run on device) the flashing LED example code.  As the same, or similar, code was already loaded on the device I decided to modify the code slightly to flash the LED a few times and then stop - just to be sure I really had loaded my own copy of the code.

Measuring temperature with an external thermistor

There are two ways of doing this, using the comparator or using the 10 bit ADC.  Here's how I set up the experiment using  ADC10. The components used were a 10k ohm thermistor and a 10k resistor.