New Technology

As well as collecting and restoring old electronic gadgets I own a few modern gadgets.  I also like to combine eras, so some of my projects mix old technology with new.

Nokia Internet Tablets

Nokia N800 (top right) and N810 (bottom right) emulating the older devices to the left of the picture.
I've ported a few applications I find useful to these tablets - and the earlier 770.

Streaming audio to Nokia internet tablets

Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers

From MSP430
In the photo are three TI EZ430-T2012 boards bought from Farnell.  These boards make experimenting very easy, you just plug them in to the EZ430-F2013 USB programmer, and once programmed can run stand alone from a 3V lithium watch battery.  As supplied the boards have 14 plated holes at 0.1" pitch.  For hardware prototyping I soldered on some "header" pins from an old PC motherboard - the battery holder, cable and the small 32kHz watch crystal came from the same source.  The inspiration for this was Sivan Toledo's I2C interfaced IR remote - here.  This arrangement works fine, but I then found some 0.1" pitch IC socket strips  and  decided  that for my purposes they would be easier to work with - thin solid wire will push in, so no bulky cable required. 

Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W1 - stereoscopic digital compact camera

Mobile phone desk (bat) phone 

Ring, ring!  A bluetooth headset inside a 1940s speakerphone.

A2DP Bluetooth stereo

Altec Lansing T515

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

This looks like an interesting use for vintage tuners and receivers such as the Sound Sales DX Plus One.

I'll need to convert the signal to a 12kHz IF.  Here's a circuit using a FET - how modern!  I think I'll stick to a good old triode-hexode.

Here's a more sophisticated converter using the SA602

There are sample files here

and using one of these I was able to check that my install (on Ubuntu) of Dream DRM Receiver was working.

Info on using Dream software here