Wireless World Amplifier Timeline

May 4. High Quality Amplification. W.T. Cocking.
May 11. Push Pull Quality Amplifier. W.T. Cocking.
May 18. Push Pull Quality Amplifier - Construction.


January 11. pp 26-28. Resistance-Coupled Amplifiers. W.T. Cocking.
January 18. pp 64-66. Resistance-Coupled Amplifiers (conclusion). W.T. Cocking.
February 22.  Push-Pull Quality Amplifier. (PDF)
March 15. High-Efficiency Push-Pull Output Stages. K.A. MacFadyen,
April 19. p393. New All-metal Valves. 
March 22. pp280-282. Class B Transformers. N. Partridge.
August 16. pp164-165. .Resistance Coupled Push-Pull Amplification. (New Feeder Unit for the Push-Pull Quality Amplifier). W.T. Cocking.


April 3.  PA
April 10. cont.
August 17. The Wireless World Pre-Set Quality Receiver. (Push-Pull Amplifier features new phase splitter)
August 24. cont. 
September 25. The Wireless World Pre-Tuned Quality Receiver.  (Includes simplified Push-Pull Quality Amplifier).
November 6. pp475-478. Negative Feed-back Amplifiers. W.T. Cocking.
November 6. pp490-492. Resitance-Coupled Amplifiers. Part II. Editors.
November 13. pp498- . The Wireless World Negative Feed-back Amplifier.
November 13. pp517- . Resistance-Coupled Amplifiers. Part III.
November 27. Resistance-Coupled Amplifiers. Part IV.
December 18. Resistance-Coupled Amplifiers. Part V. (briefly compares MH41, MH4, MHL4, ML4 triodes)
December 25. pp669-670. Further Notes on Negative Feed-back Amplification. W.T. Cocking.
December 25. pp682-683. Resistance-Coupled Amplifiers. Part VI. (Final part). 


Aug 18. Communication Receiver. Editors.


April 13.
June 8.
August 17.
August 31. Pre-set Quality Receiver.


 January. p107. Cathode By-Pass Condensers. Simple method of selecting values. W.T. Cocking.


 March. p66. Wireless in the R.A.O.C. Major W.T. Cocking.


 July. p198. Negative Feedback. J.T. Terry.
September. pp266-. Contrast Expansion Unit. D.T.N. Williamson.
December. pp355-. The "Quality Amplifier". Editors.


 July. Aesthetics of Sound Reproduction. H.A. Hartley.
August. Cont.


July. p10. Advert for Acoustical Manufacturing Company.  "Q.U.A.D." (Referenced by Williamson, 1952)
December. pp354-356. Wireless World AC/DC Quality Amplifier.  (PDF)  (Single ended, two-valve, two-watt).


January. Push-Pull Input Circuits. W.T. Cocking.
February. cont.
March. cont.
April. cont.
May. cont.
June. p208-210. Quiet High-Gain Amplifier. C.C. Whitehead.
July. p266. Letter and circuit from N. Bonavia-Hunt.
September. p326. Negative Feedback Calculations. E.J. James.
October. p354. Amplifying Crystal. The Transistor.
December. p457- . Economical 50-watt Amplifier Taking Advantage of the New Rating for the KT66 Valve. G.R. Woodville. (M.O. Valve Co).



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