Ekco RG 489

This chassis came from the local recycling centre in May 2008.  Someone nearby has most likely still got the cabinet.

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From gadgets
Women demonstrating an Ekco radio, Radiolympia, London, 1938. From Science and Society.

The circuit is similar to the PB189.

This seventy year old chassis was bought, in 2008, for one pound from the local recycling centre.  The valves are, Mullard 354V, Mullard TH4A, Mullard TV4 (tuning indicator), Mullard TDD4, Mullard VP4B, Mullard 2D4B, Mullard PEN A4, Cossor 43-IU (rectifier).  Information on these, and other 1938 Mullard valves can be found in the Catalogue of Mullard Master Valves 1937-8. Pictures of these, and most other, valve types can be found at  The National Valve Museum.

There are sockets on the rear for TV sound from a sound only TV set such as the Ekco TA201.

I identified the set as a RG489/PB289 from the layout  here and there is other information  here;- such as the IF,  126 kHz

Michael Saunby,
27 Nov 2009, 12:12